Election Information

Rocky Ripple town council members and town clerk-treasurer serve four (4) year terms that begin on January 1 following their election. The last Rocky Ripple election was held in 2019.  The Constitution of the State of Indiana provides that a person holds office until a successor has been elected and qualified. In other words, if there are no candidates for a given office (or not enough candidates for all the town council seats) then the current office holder serves another four year term. (Article 15, Section 3, IC 3-13-9-5.5and IC 3-13-9-5.6). If fewer at-large town council members are elected than there are at-large seats to be filled, the town council determines which incumbent at-large members will holdover for another four year term. This decision must be made by the town council no later than December 31 following the election. (IC 3-13-9- 5.6) A candidate must reside in Rocky Ripple to run as a candidate for the Rocky Ripple town council.  Voters must reside in Rocky Ripple to vote for the Rocky Ripple town council and clerk/treasurer.