Frequently Asked Questions

What is the town of Rocky Ripple responsible for versus what the City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana are responsible for?

The town of Rocky Ripple is an incorporated town of the City of Indianapolis, meaning there are elected officials specifically for the town. Rocky Ripple property owners and residents are subject to statutes, regulations, and ordinances at state and municipal levels, including those of the Town of Rocky Ripple, the City of Indianapolis, and Marion County.

In addition to receiving services as residents of the City of Indianapolis, Rocky Ripple residents also operate under and receive services through the town of Rocky Ripple. This includes supplemental police protection in addition to that provided by the City of Indianapolis. Rocky Ripple town government is also responsible for ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the town hall, town parks and property, town streets and right-of-ways, and enforcement of established Rocky Ripple ordinances.

How do I find out what I can build in Rocky Ripple and how do I get permits to do so?

Residents are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits through the Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services with the exception of driveway permits, which are issued through the town of Rocky Ripple. Contact the Indianapolis Department of Business and Neighborhood Services for any questions regarding what types of structures can be built or added on in Rocky Ripple, as well as for building permitting and zoning. Special restrictions apply since Rocky Ripple is in a flood plain.

What is the difference between the Rocky Ripple Town Council and the Rocky Ripple Community Association?

The community association is a separate organization from the Rocky Ripple Town Council, which is comprised of Rocky Ripple’s elected representatives.

The Rocky Ripple Community Association is a registered 501(c) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide social, cultural, recreational, and educational services to the Town of Rocky Ripple. The community association is made up of volunteers and has its own elected board of directors. One of the main functions of the community association is responsibility for the Parks Endowment fund, which was set up for Rocky Ripple Parks maintenance and improvements. The community association oversees fundraising efforts for the parks and other community initiatives , as well as plans and coordinates town wide social activities. Visit the community association website for more information: