UPDATE 24Mar2023:


In early 2023, Citizens Energy Group (CEG) shared that they will be constructing a sanitary sewer project in Rocky Ripple. A public meeting was held in February 2023 where CEG updated the town on timeline and logistics related to hooking up to sewers. Additional information on the project can be found here:

The project will be conducted in three phases, beginning in mid-summer 2023 and wrapping up towards the end of the year. Residents will have the opportunity to opt-in to sewers in waves, depending on when their property is slated to be connected.

The STEP projects offered by CEG are only available to those with existing homes that have a functioning plumbing system. Homeowners who would like to connect after building a home are free to do so through CEG's Sanitary Lateral Assistant Program (SLAP) when they are ready to connect.

Additional information about the STEP program is available here: Citizens' Septic Tank Elimination Program (STEP) here.