RR Road Paving Scheduled

The Town of Rocky Ripple is happy to announce that repaving of several roads in town is scheduled for the week of 24-Jun-2019, weather permitting.  This should take no longer than a couple days in total.  Please note that the following streets are affected  and give consideration to the paving equipment, trucks and personnel that will be doing this important work for us:

1) Canal Blvd. From: W 53rd St To: Ripple Rd
2) W53rd St From: Canal Blvd To: Lester St
3) W53rd St From: 835 W53rd St To: Riverview Dr
4) W52nd St From: Canal Towpath To: Lester St
5) Crown St From: W53rd St To: W54th St
6) Sunnymeade Ln From: W52nd St To: W53rd St
7) Annette St From: W53rd St To: 5326 Annette St
8) Clarendon Rd From: W51st St To: W52nd St
9) W54th St From: Karstadt Dr To: Canal Blvd
10) Ripple Rd From: 340 Ripple Rd To: Canal Blvd