DPW Floodwall Testing at 53rd Street Bridge into Rocky Ripple on 23Mar2021

Rocky Ripple Residents,

Please be advised that the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) has selected the 53rd Street flood gate, located on the bridge coming into Rocky Ripple on 53rd street as a Flood Response Plan Implementation exercise effort.  DPW staff plan to execute the exercise on the 23rd of March beginning mid to late morning. The exercise will include DPW personnel closing the roadway, assembling the flood panel system across the roadway, disassembling the flood panel system and reopening the roadway.  Barricades at the intersections of 53rd and Sunset Drive and 53rd and Westfield Blvd will be erected during the flood response plan exercise.  The barricades will be placed at the approach(s) to the bridge crossing and the DPW exercise will take place inside the barricades. Westfield Blvd. will remain open during the exercise.  DPW plans for this to be completed by 2 pm.  Town Marshal Mike Kiefer will be available during the exercise for any questions or problems that may arise.