Update on floodwall project timeline from DPW

Please find an update below on the Rocky Ripple floodwall project from DPW Stormwater Administrator, Shannon Killion: 

DPW is in the initial planning stages for a public information meeting on the project in the fall. Once we have more information on that we will share it with the Town Board and Town Residents.

  • The Request for Information (RFI) was very informative and answered DPWs questions. There were three respondents. Per state code the information provided by the respondents is confidential which is critical for deliberation during procurement process
  • Design continues to progress well with expected milestones through the remainder of the year still on track
  • DPW has started early coordination with permitting agencies such as IDNR for construction in a floodway permitting and the USACE pertaining to levee construction review
  • Attached is the preliminary layout of public access points along the flood works, please note that the exact size may change
  • We plan to hold a public meeting this fall. We are beginning the planning for that meeting next week and will share when we have more information
  • Meetings with the relocation specialist are ongoing and should be wrapped up in the next week or so
  • Appraisals are expected to begin in October for all properties

Now that the RFI is completed, DPW is starting to relook the agreement (interlocal agreement) with the Town, which will include Town Hall.

Please reach out to the Rocky Ripple Town Board with any questions or concerns. 


Rocky Ripple Floodwall Survey: Call for Committee Volunteers and Notice of Informational Meeting to Discuss Project on Thursday, 06-Oct-2022 As previously communicated, the Rocky Ripple Town Board is working to organize a stakeholder vote on the City of Indianapolis’ proposed floodwall project. As part of this initiative, the Board wants to ensure stakeholders have relevant facts they need to vote in favor or against the project and that all residents are well informed about the project. This vote will provide valuable input as the Rocky Ripple Town Board works to make a final decision on the project. The Town Board is looking for a small group of community members to assist in development of a fact sheet and pro and con list to outline key details related to the City of Indianapolis’ proposed floodwall project. This committee will also assist in dissemination of the fact sheet and will serve as “boots on the ground” to funnel questions to the town board and remind eligible residents to cast a vote related to the project. The committee will play a critical role in ensuring that the virtues and drawbacks of the project are well understood. A charter and call for committee volunteers was previously made.  However, based upon further discussion between Town Board members and input from residents the charter for the committee has been simplified and is attached here.  The charter also includes a proposed definition for the stakeholders that will be able to vote.  Should the committee have change suggestions to the definition, this will be entertained by the Town Board. A meeting for individuals interested in working on the committee is scheduled for Thursday, October 6, 2022, at 7:00 pm at the town hall. Town Board members will present the thought process behind the committee charter, expectations for the committee project and associated timelines, and answer any questions potential committee members may have.  We thank those of you that previously volunteered to be on the committee and hope to see you there.  We also welcome others that wish to participate. Sincerely, Your Rocky Ripple Town Board Megan Hulland           Mandy Redmond          Randy Sanders