Rocky Ripple City Sewers (STEP Project) Update


Below are the most recent updates received from Citizens Energy Group (CEG) regarding the Rocky Ripple Septic Tank Elimination Project (STEP).  Please note that for Phase 1 riverfront and Clarendon Road residents, the deadline for submitting your contract for hooking up to city sewers is rapidly approaching on 31-Mar-2023 (one week from today).

  • For riverfront residents that are scheduled to have their homes demolished as part of the DPW floodwall project, the deadline for submitting your contracts has been extended.  See attached copy of letter from CEG for specifics.  
  • CEG is currently responding to IDEM’s comments regarding the construction permit application for this project
  • CEG received minor comments from Butler regarding their easement request and are preparing a response 
  • CEG will start spotting utilities for the project area (all phases) by completing test holes starting as early as April 1:
    • Residents will see stakes in the right of way marking utilities
    • Since this is such a large project area, it may take a while to complete this phase, so if residents could leave the stakes/flags undisturbed, it will help CEG complete this work more efficiently
  • To review previous information shared about the STEP project, click here.