Running Events Coming Up

We wanted to send out a message to everyone to make sure you are aware of two running events that will be taking place over the next two weekends.
The Dash by the Past event will be Saturday the 15th starting at 9 AM. It will be starting at the Meridian Restaurant and snaking though Meridian-Kessler neighborhood.

The Bulldog Jog will be ran on April 22nd starting at 8 AM. Part of the course will be cutting across the 52nd and 53rd street and South down Clarendon Road. There will only be minor wait times of less than 20 seconds for anyone who is trying to enter or exit the neighborhood. The group that is hosting the event will have cones setup and people helping to direct cars to get past any runners as quickly as possible. They will also be making sure there is no trash left behind.

It appears that entering and exiting using 52nd street from 8 AM to approximately 9:15 AM will be your easiest option. But once again, we do not expect any delays longer then 20 seconds or so.

If you would like to participate in the Bulldog Jog, you can sign up here. You can enter code RockyDawgs2023 for a 10% discount on either the 5K or 10K runs. There is also a 1 mile dog walk with all proceeds going to the Indy Humane Society. The discount code is not applicable for the Dog Walk.

Not a runner? You are encouraged to cheer the runners on and show them how friendly and welcoming the Rocky Ripple Community is!